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Wednesday, 16 July 2008 19:51

Collette Bennett from Destructoid got her first impression of FLOCK! at E3 today, I think she liked itLaughing

Read her full posting E3 08: FLOCK! hands on impressionsĀ  or take a sneak preview below...

When I headed to Capcom to see FLOCK!, I wasn't entirely convinced that I was about to play a game where I take the role of an alien beaming up sheep and other various farm animals into a UFO. I mean, I had seen the video, but ... seriously? Because that sounds pretty much like the most awesome thing I can imagine doing. Tell me more.

Capcom certainly shared my enthusiasm, showing me more of the Lemmings-esque title and spilling some delectable new details. Developed by Proper Games, the fifty level beam-a-thon also comes packed with a level editor so you can craft your own fields for the animals to wander in and share them with friends. It's for Xbox Live, PSN and PC, so most interested gamers should have a way to play it.

Gameplay is simple and clearly has that hook that makes it addictive -- humor. As you fly around the levels directing your Tractor beam, the cows, sheep, pigs and chickens react accordingly. They also react to the enviroment, screaming at the sight of scarecrows, getting lost in crops, and being kind of generally dumb, which makes them ideal prey but leaves you feeling a tad sorry for them. Don't worry, you'll get over it.

Make sure you read the rest of Collette's article on Destructoid.

Cow Poop throwing adventures in Multiplayer ! Surprised

Be careful what you wish for ColletteĀ 


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