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Friday, 18 July 2008 08:30

Leigh Alexander from Kotaku got to see FLOK! in action yesterday at E3 and has written a great article about it on the Kotaku site.

The article is called Flock: Sheep Death in a Toy World and Leigh seems quite taken with the graphical style of the FLOCK! levels demoed at E3.

Here's a short extract, but be sure to read the whole article over at Kotaku


Among Capcom's E3 titles was a somewhat mysterious downloadable title called FLOCK!, erroneously pegged early on as a "sheep herding simulator." I got to have the title demoed for me by Proper Games design lead Geoff Gunning, a cheerful Scotsman, and had the mystery cleared up.

It's not a sheep-herding sim, but there is sheep herding. There is herding of adorable cotton ball sheep who live in a fluffy, stuffed-toy looking world, grazing peacefully in a patchwork meadow. The stitch-edged, pastoral aesthetic is sweet, gentle, and just a little offbeat, in the context of the quirky and sometimes hilariously grim gameplay.

The player controls an orange UFO with a tractor beam, and an individual level's objective generally revolves around getting a certain number of sheep to the mother ship. The tractor beam must nudge the sheep carefully around pitfalls and use strategy to navigate obstacles — for example, when confronted with a fence, lead the cotton wool sheep to a water fountain and they'll shrink enough to pass under the fence.


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